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We provide live music for almost all occasions (formal concerts, school workshops, senior homes, corporate events, weddings and anniversaries, business opening and celebration, festivals).

  • Musicians:  highly professional Chinese musicians from China’s top music institutions, wearing Chinese costumes
  • Instruments used:  traditional Chinese instruments
  • Size of band: flexible, depending on need and budget (one man show, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, up to large scale Chinese orchestra)
  • Repertoire: extremely broad and varied repertoire to be chosen for any particular given occasion,  from traditional and folk Chinese music, to popular tunes from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe, Canada, USA


Reviews for our past performances

" ...most stunning." - BBC Radio 3, Brian Kay's Sunday Morning

"...spellbinding.." - Boston Herald

"Lyrical, lilting, dreamy, mystical, not to mention virtuosic, spellbinding,  cinematic, and all those other words one turns to when trying to describe a profound musical experience" - The Riverfront Times (USA)

"...playing with all the rhythmicity and dexterity of a four-armed man" - Real Grooove, New Zealand

"...the best concert..."  John Casken, composer, professor/director of Music Department, Manchester University, England

"...recital was a revelation! ...technique and poetic insight had us all spellbound"  - James Parson, Artistic Director of Oundle International Music Festival, England



“。。除了 ‘技艺精湛,迷人,戏剧性' 等等这些人们在感受难忘的音乐时常用的语言外,还应有 ‘神韵,活力,梦幻,神秘”。 - The Riverfront  Times (美国报纸)

“...震撼”!! - BBC Radio 3 (英国广播公司三台)

“演奏之 '韵律和灵巧’象出自一个有四臂的人”。 - Real Groove (新西兰音乐刊物)

“...前所未闻, 惊人的技艺和诗韵 令我们如醉如痴...” - James Parson, 英国著名管风琴家,Oundle 艺术节总监。

“...最好的音乐会”! - John Casken,英国著名作曲家,曼车斯特大学音乐系教授, 系主任

“ .....令人着迷“  - 波士顿先锋报


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