Buy/learn from top experts: GUZHENG, GUQIN, YANGQIN, PIPA, ERHU, RUAN, etc. Live music for all events. 国内顶尖教授招生/出售古筝 古琴 扬琴 琵琶 二胡 阮等等。提供中国音乐表演。

Buy/learn from top experts: GUZHENG, GUQIN, YANGQIN, PIPA, ERHU, RUAN, etc. Live music for all events. 国内顶尖教授招生/出售古筝 古琴 扬琴 琵琶 二胡 阮等等。提供中国音乐表演。
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多大琴行/中国乐器培训中心Toronto Music Pro

Buy/Learn:  guzheng, pipa, guqin, yangqin, erhu古筝琵琶二胡扬琴阮/最高性价比/国内顶尖音乐学院资深教授主理/加拿大最高水准

  • Teaching
    教师来自国内顶尖音乐学院Former professors offering high-quality lessons on Chinese musical instruments. Many former students have achieved highly in China, Taiwan, Singapore, having become music professors, orchestra leaders, sectional leaders. 

  • Performance/promotion of Chinese music
    为各种场合提供中国乐器表演Having performed at prestigious venues worldwide

  • Sale of Chinese instruments
    古筝古琴二胡琵琶扬琴阮等等Guzheng Guqin Erhu Pipa Yangqin etc. Set up, adjusted, tuned, by teachers, so that buyers can play them right away upon receiving it. Lessons are offered by former professors from China

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Phone: 647-766-7108


WeChat: TorontoMusicPro


Return Policy:

We try our best to stick to the product shown in pictures. However, sometimes, due to lighting when the pics are taken, some colour variations might occur.  Also due to time lapsing, when goods of which pictures were taken from and a product the buyer gets might not from the same bunch. Therefore variations in look and shape might also occur.  Seller will do his best to be consistent. However, it is sometimes more in control of the instrument maker instead of the seller in this matter.

If a buyer decides to return an item, the buys pays for the cost of shipping it back from buyer to seller for any return.


We offer limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase. For malfunction of our sold items within this period where applicable (please see below for exclusions), we offer free repair (labour only. Buyers pay for parts where applicable). Buyer pays for shipping cost both ways for the item to be sent to us and back to buyer after repairing. 

This limited warranty covers only the main body of the instrument from disfiguring or malfunction. It does not cover accessories and consumables, like, but not limited to, strings, nails, yangqin beaters, membrane, case/bag, tuning pegs.  It also do not cover paint, glue (if the glued parts fall open).   

This limited warranty does not apply to inappropriate use, such as, but not limited to, instrument is put in a harsh environment (too hot or too cold, too humid or too dry).   

This limited warranty does not apply to natural wear and tear.

Warranty exceptions due to our limited ability to repair wind instruments, all wind instruments are NOT covered by our warranty policy. Although, every effort will be made to ensure their quality.



真正由中国顶尖音乐学院资深教师(教授/讲师) 主理,集教学培训/表演推广/乐器销售 为一身的,加拿大最高水准,最专业的中国音乐中心。

乐器销售: 集中国南北厂家的优质产品,提供无人能比的服务。 我们出售的大部分乐器 在发货前会提前调试,定音,使买家 拿到手就能用。 有些乐器 提供免费大师课。 

乐器免费维修12个月(有若干条件限制, 买家负责送来/取走,或付双向邮费。 免人工费。买家只付零件成本费)

表演推广: 表演足迹遍布世界各地

教学培训: 桃李满天下。很多学生现在已经成为中国,台湾,新加坡中国音乐界的领头人, 教授或首席/骨干演奏员。